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ResCon 19 Talks and Presentations

How to Find a Needle in a Haystack

A presentation on a systematic method that can be used to search for (possibly) missing people in abandoned stone mines.

CO2 Monitoring in Caves

A presentation on CO2 monitoring in Mendip caves, the difference between various gas detectors and their results.

Crime Scene Awareness

A presentation by Piers Hallihan (from South Wales police) on the things that cave rescue teams need to consider in the unfortunate event that a rescue scene becomes a crime scene.

Medical Sessions

A medical session, containing a series of short presentations covering a number of medical topics, including lessons learnt from the recent Curtain Pot incident, an update on new BCRC medical training equipment and a summary of the recent BCRC medical training weekend.

BCRC Incident Reporting

A session showing the BCRC online Incident Reporting tool and how to use it.

SARCALL Exercise

A tabletop exercise showing the functions and features of the SARCALL tool that is now used by a number of cave rescue teams to help manage an incident.

Robbie Shone

A presentation from Robbie Shone, describing his experience of a flood pulse whilst deep in Veryovkina and how to plan to avoid being rescued from remote parts of the world.