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ResCon 19 Sunday Activities

ResCon 19 Sunday Timetable

Activities during Sunday will be split between the main marquee at Ebborways Farm, and nearby at Wookey Hole Caves where there will be a full scale rescue exercise taking place, involving the extraction of an injured diver from beyond a sump in the cave.

Ebborways Farm Wookey Hole
08:00 Breakfast, and registration area open
10:00 Presentations, including 10:00 Arrive and prepare diving equipment
10:00 Medical Session (led by Brendan Sloan, DCRO)
11:00 Livestock and Animal Rescue (Julian Carter, SMWCRT) 10:30 Rescue Exercise
11:30 BCRC Online Incident Reporting (Richard Vidler, SECRO) Evacuation of an Injured Diver from Chamber 22 of Wookey Hole
12:30 Challenging Rescue Scenarios (Simon Flower, MCR)
10:00 – 16:00 Lyon Equipment demonstrations and kit discussions
12:00 – 17:00 Bar open for sale of refreshments
13:30 Practical Sessions, including
Underground Communication (Sludge Pit Hole)
17:00 Close

Note The rescue exercise will start in Wookey Hole chamber 22, which is only accessible by divers, but dry cavers will be required during the exercise, to assist with hauling and stretcher carrying to the surface. One of the areas that the exercise will focus on is the co-operation between the diving and non-diving rescuers.

Sunday Presentations

Medical Session (led by Brendan Sloan, DCRO)

Brendan Sloan is the BCRC Medical Officer, and will be leading a series of shorter presentations to cover a number of medical related topics, including

  • Lessons Learnt from Curtain Pot Incident
  • Update from BCRC Medical Weekend
  • New BCRC Medical Training Equipment

Livestock and Animal Rescue (Julian Carter, SMWCRT)

South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team have been involved in a number of animal or livestock rescue incidents recently, some of which have been prolonged and high profile. Julian Carter will be discussing how SMWCRT deal with animal rescues, and will include a showing of a recent sequence shot for the BBC programme "Kate Humble: Off the Beaten Track" where they rescue the presenters sheep dog "Teg" from a disused mineshaft.

BCRC Online Incident Reporting (Richard Vidler, SECRO)

Richard Vidler will be discussing the recently developed BCRC On-line Incident Reporting tool, including how to use it to record any incidents that cave rescue teams have been involved in, and what is planned for future releases.


SARCALL is a messaging tool that is now used by a number of cave rescue teams (and the calling authorites) to help manage an incident. This will be a brief session demonstrating how SARCALL can be used, including a log of the messages that have been sent so far during the rescue exercise concurrently taking place in Wookey Hole.

Challenging Rescue Scenarios (Simon Flower, MCR)

Most cave rescue incidents are, fortunately, relatively straightforward for the local cave rescue team to handle. However, there are a few rare occasions when there is a serious injury to a caver in a challenging cave where the rescue is anything but straightforward. Simon Flower will lead a "table top" session, where there will be discussion around how a team should handle such a scenario. The scenario used for the discussion will be local to Mendip, but the points raised by the discussion will be applicable to rescues from challenging caves in other cave rescue team areas.

Sunday Practical Sessions

Evacuation of an Injured Diver (led by Chris Jewell, starting from Wookey Hole Chamber 22)

A full scale rescue exercise, with the extraction of an injured diver from Wookey Hole chamber 22 through a sump and then carried out the surface. The start of the exercise will require diving cave rescuers (beyond the sump) and non-diving cave rescuers (to rig a haul line to manoeuvre the injured diver out of the water). A full briefing will be made on the morning of the exercise, but this exercise will be an excellent opportunity for non-diving cave rescuers to understand aspects of a diving rescue scenario.

Cave rescuers wanting to be involved in the rigging and hauling elements of the rescue exercise will require a harness and cowstails.

Underground Communication (led by Tony Haigh & Estelle Sandford, at Sludge Pit Hole)

A session with the various underground to surface communication systems that are currently available to cave rescue teams, including the cave-link text messaging system, the Nicola 3 radio system (running the latest firmware), and the original HeyPhone and micro-heyphone. This session will have some people underground and some people on the surface.

Note that Sludge Pit Hole has a short ladder just inside the entrance, which will be rigged for the weekend, and those going underground will require a belay belt or suitable harness.

This session is a repeat of the session held on Saturday.

Sunday Other Sessions

Lyon Equipment Demonstrations and Kit Discussions

Lyon Equipment will have a display area with the ability to show, demonstrate and discuss items of kit close up with people throughout the weekend, including a quad-pod and tri-pod, basket stretcher and a full range of small items.