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ResCon 19 Practical Sessions

Underground Communications

A practical session with the latest in underground-to-surface communications, including the use of Heyphones, micro-heyphones, cave link text messaging system, and the Nicola3 radios (running the latest version 3 firmware).

CO2 Monitoring Underground

A practical session as a follow-up to the presentation to be given earlier in the day, including the use of various underground gas detectors.

Slix Stretcher Design

A practical session with the latest prototype of the Slix stretcher (and other stretcher designs), looking for any final feedback before the stretcher goes into production.

Rigging for Hauling

A session in Wookey Hole, looking into the various ways that haul lines can be rigged to help rescue an injured caver. This session is open to both cave divers and "dry" cavers.

Rescue of an Injured Diver

On Sunday there will be a practice rescue scenario, with an injured diver to be brought to the surface from beyond the sumps in Wookey Hole. This rescue practice will be open to both cave divers and "dry" cavers, with the diving rescuers bring the casualty through the sump before handing them over to a dry team for the evacuation to the surface.